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Self-Discovery & Depth Work
As human being, we live in constant change. Sometimes intentional, sometimes out of our control, and often outside of our awareness. Working within a depth psychology lens, we take the time to explore all aspects of the human experience in the present, the past, and the future. Depth work offers the opportunity to explore the self through the psyche, conscious and unconscious, exploring the root of thoughts, feelings, and values. 
PTSD​​ & Medical Trauma
Trauma embodies a large spectrum of experiences, from childhood trauma to moral injury/military trauma, sexual trauma, medical trauma, and many things in-between. Medical trauma often goes unnoticed, as it becomes part of a bigger experience, i.e birth of a child, cancer treatment, surgery etc. However, one might experience a traumatic birth that is never processed, never have the opportunity to process a medical diagnosis or disease as the immediate next discussion is treatment. These traumas live in the body, and must find opportunity to process and release before intertwining within. 
Grief & Loss/Non-Death related loss
Grief is often related to death or bereavement, the loss of a living being. Grief can also be Disenfranchised, and relate to loss of abilities, sense of self, relationships, career, emotions etc. We often grieve transitions, big life changes, shifts in relationships, developing ones one values, but do not have the words for processing these types of losses. 

End-of-Life & Palliative Care
End-of-life and palliative care counseling can range from legacy work, identifying your life's purpose and how you'd like to be remembered, processing and preparing your needs and desires with your loved ones, and even exploring or processing past trauma and life experiences to help better journey through this last stage of life with peace and ease. 


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