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Guided Imagery & Music

"GIM reminded me of some ketamine sessions that I had done. It brought to the surface some things that I need to continue processing."

"The GIM was incredible. I thought I was listening to music and it was fun. But it was more."

"It was really cool, like I was dreaming while awake!"

"Thank you so much for helping me find that joy again."


Integrative Therapy

"It has helped me so much and continues to open me up to other modalities of healing.” 

"It seems like you are open to exploring whatever works.  Even if it is outside the norm.  Like the integrative component and the energy healing. You are willing to look at informed proof of practice. Personally, I benefitted greatly from that.  It wouldn’t have been something I would do normally. "



Dance/Movement Therapy

"It was fun having a safe place to move like we did as carefree kids. Or those free times when we think no one is looking. Your group was great for so many reasons, but mostly because I love to move my body and you showed me new ways to do that."

"Molly's Creative Arts Therapy group is the highlight of the month for my residents!   They look forward to her energy and enthusiasm throughout the whole building! My memory care may not remember what she is there to do, but they do remember the feeling she gave them after she leaves.  My long term care residents look forward to it every month and my sub-acute residents have stopped me in the hall to let me know how wonderful the group was.  I cannot thank her enough for all she does for our residents here!"

"I enjoyed movement therapy with Molly. I’ve never done any of that before.  I tried to be open minded."

"I learned how to move my body however the hell I want."


Reiki Energy Healing


"Reiki was most profound change of attitude/ “mind altering." Must do it to understand"

“Reiki is something I never would have tried  but I’m so glad I did, it was so cool.”

"Before I went to Molly, I had never experienced Reiki before. The experience itself was so intriguing and really forces you to tune into your own body. After the physical session concluded, Molly and I discussed the process and what I had experienced. I realized the different emotions and energies I was feeling reflected what was going on in my personal life. By doing this, I was able to gain a better sense and understanding of what I personally needed to work through. The overall time with Molly was very insightful, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is interested or even just curious about this form of healing."

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