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Energy En Route

Five years ago, I was fortunate enough to receive my Reiki Level 1 Training in NYC. I found an immediate connection with the work, and completed my Level 2 Training less than six-months later at a small yoga and wellness studio near my favorite beach. The magic of manifesting intentional healing energy in my two favorite places is not lost on me. I even felt that the group of practitioners I trained with brought pieces of both the city and the sea into my learning, and my eventual healing space. In my own life, and in the lives of others I’ve been observing via social media, I’ve noticed the perspective shift in what's important in our daily lives, what goals may shift from the bottom to the top of our lists, and what this temporary “new normal” and routine may look like. During this perspective shift, I noticed that it was on my back burner list to offer my company services on a virtual platform. For the most part, healing arts such as music, dance therapy, reiki healing, yoga etc. are in-person, hands-on interventions. Now moving to these distance sessions, I realize what a need there is for this type of virtual, yet therapeutic and energetic expression. Even with this realization I questioned if I could provide the same level of care through my computer screen.

This forced change in perspective and shift in my goals moved me, physically and figuratively, in a new direction. To my fantastic surprise, these sessions have been equally as therapeutic than that of an in-person individual session. Direct eye contact, larger visuals for the client, 1:1 communication without distraction, and the client's ability to be more vulnerable and personal across the physical barrier of a computer screen. In these distance sessions I feel as if I’m mailing this energy. I send reiki, sing client favorites, and support and mirror dance and movement expressions all from my home in New Jersey. Do I miss my in-person group sessions? Absolutely. However, now given the opportunity to offer my services in a different light, I view it as just another way that I can reach my clients in a meaningful and artistically expressive way during a vulnerable time in their lives.


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