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Spring into Social Isolation

Happy Spring Equinox...sort of. This year we experience the earliest Spring Equinox in 124 years. The Farmers Almanac states, “The vernal equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to win out over darkness.” Let us sit with that for a moment. Light over darkness.

I write this in my new home office, looking out the window as a pained extrovert forced to turn inward. I moved less than three weeks ago, quit my full-time corporate healthcare position, and embarked on self-employment. In less than one week into my new life journey, isolation struck. Positive Coronavirus cases began to rise, restrictions continue to be implemented, and I now question the future of my decision. However, I know that I, nor you, can waive the white flag on our dreams, goals, and future at the first sign of struggle. Although I am frustrated as an entrepreneur who works with older adults, individuals with dementia, and those in end-of-life, I need to find gratitude in the fact that I am not on the front lines right now, as I would have been less than three weeks ago. Nursing facilities, home-care agencies, and families have put my services on hold for the time being, but I am grateful that now, I am forced to stop.

To stop my mind and body from always being “on the move.” To stop stressing on the “what ifs” and looking at the “right now.” To stop wondering how I can control the situation, and know that I can’t; and that’s okay. To reassess a situation, and create my own structure and daily plan, however I see fit.

This week, I’ve had difficulty identifying the so called, “important” aspects of my new career. Should I be finding new ways to market? Prep all my materials for when the isolation is over? Is it okay to read books, do yoga, start running, and enjoy home cooked meals with my loved ones? I give myself, and you, permission to let go. To reassess your new home office, full-time or temporary, and allow yourself 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 3 hours to focus on your personal isolation; the opportunity to turn inward and self-care, play, sing, and find beauty and art in your surroundings. Set that daily goal, finish your required work, and then step away. Step away from the computer, the iPhone, the tablets, laptops, and screens, and let yourself JUST BE.

Today, on the first day of Spring, let the light win over the darkness.


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