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The Power of "Delete."

This past December marked one year on my minimalist journey! I decluttered, organized, and shifted my perspective on what material objects were a true need, and what activities were a real priority. In pursuit of my anniversary I expanded my literature to financial podcasts and books, and cultural differences in organizing, (and finished “Spark Joy” just in time to see Marie Kondo rock it on Netflix.) Implementing this lifestyle has reduced so much anxiety and stress, and has enabled me to create a real feeling of home in my apartment.

A magical photo I found lost in my facebook albums!

One of my my most recent intentions was to go through all my facebook photos, save my favorites, and delete the rest from the depths of the internet. I also realized I was being notified of memories I wouldn't necessarily categorize as fond. Why was I allowing myself to feel like trash, when it was such an easy fix to put myself in control of the situation? I felt such a sense of strength physically clicking “delete” and a feeling of gratitude when I would “save” my favorite memories. My small intention of decluttering media ultimately  provided me with a sense of purpose and inner strength I forgot I needed, and a gentle reminder that this internal strength is always available to me


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