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Underneath the Alice Tree: A Blog

Welcome to Underneath the Alice Tree, the official blog for Energy Dance Healing & Wellness, LLC!

As a child my two dreams were to become a professional ballerina and a journalist. Well, now that I’m a Dance/Movement Therapist, it seems fitting I try my hand at writing! The conception of this blog did not arrive overnight, as I felt I was constantly waiting for the “correct” theme or direction to begin. After letting go of the idea my blog had to be perfect, I allowed myself to wait for a sign or universal gift to guide me. This past month, I found it.

Growing up, my mother and I would lay in the grass and read in my backyard. We would snuggle under the gorgeous tree, enveloped in its branches, and say we were just like Alice in Wonderland. We called it our “Alice Tree” and still refer to it as such when I visit my childhood home. My grandmother “Mimi” also shared her love of books and trees, and just so happened to share the same name as my friend Alice. Her recent passing, a long full life of 94 years, opened my eyes with a new perspective. Working in grief and loss, I was surprised by my innate, embodied response to her death. My physical and emotional response was not to concave, but to expand and to find a heightened awareness to my own life. I started identifying what was truly important in my life, what tasks and jobs I had overbooked myself for, and how I could pay homage to her memory with this shift in perspective.

To honor the magic moments, the blowing leaves, and the cherished relationship with my grandmother, I found my direction. This blog will encompass adventures and personal journeys, magical moments in my work, suggested books and literature, and anything else that talks about grounding, growth, and all the branches in-between. As Alice says, “The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”


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Underneath the Alice Tree

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